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  Efyjebod (Efyjebod, Polska)
   28/01/2020 um 01:38
3D wallpapers are available for all resolutions. The application's offer also includes 3D 4K wallpapers compatible with phones from brands such as Asus, BlackBerry, HTC, Alcatel, Nokia, Samsung S8, s9 and others, Sony Xperia, LG, Xiaomi, ZTE, Motorola, Lenovo. All 3D graphics are UltraHD and 4k high resolution images. Thanks to this, the colors on the wallpapers are perfectly reproduced. Operation of the application is extremely simple, 3D Wallpapers is equipped with an intuitive menu. To create stylish 3D wallpaper on the screen of a tablet or mobile phone, just click once, which proves the simplicity of using the application. It's just as easy to set a three-dimensional screen lock on phones and tablets. In the application there is a system of matching wallpaper to a complex phone. Just one click will allow you to place your favorite 3D wallpapers - just find the wallpaper and then click the Set icon on the screen - everything else the application will do for us on its own.
  Yrajyl (Babimost, Polska)
   26/01/2020 um 19:27
3D wallpapers are recognized and automatically matched to the screens of phones and tablets. The application also made sure that phone models with unusual screen resolutions (such as Huawei X or Samsung s9) were automatically detected, and thus the quality of the wallpaper was maximized in our phone. All 3D backgrounds are compatible with 16: 9, 18.5: 9 screens. Additionally, wallpaper bases are updated frequently, and animal backgrounds are added with manual moderation.
  Ypaqyvyv (Ypaqyvyv, ypaqyvyv)
   26/01/2020 um 14:29
  Imikuhi (Imikuhi, Polska)
   26/01/2020 um 06:06
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  MiaGlict (San Jose, USA)
   26/01/2020 um 02:33
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  Ocadezig (Czaplinek, Polska)
   25/01/2020 um 18:59
  Imope (Imope, Polska)
   23/01/2020 um 17:54
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  Ixaby (Gdynia, Polska)
   23/01/2020 um 07:44
  Uqitoxeri (Glinojeck, Polska)
   23/01/2020 um 06:03
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  Opale (Krajenka, Polska)
   22/01/2020 um 06:18
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